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Due to Ash's experience, knowledge, reputation and training, many dentists refer to him for advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Smile Design By Ash is one of the most technologically advanced dental practices in the UK.

Why refer to Ash

Since qualifying in 1991, Ash has relentlessly pursued further training in dentistry. He has learnt from some of the best dentists in the world within the fields of cosmetic dentistry, composites, occlusion and laser dentistry. Because of his experience, knowledge, reputation and ethical approach, many dentists refer patients to him. Ash has also treated numerous dentists and their family members due to the trust they have in him.

As part of his commitment to dental education, Ash is happy for the referring dentist to come and watch him treat the patient at the different stages of the treatment. This is a unique opportunity for the referring dentist to get personalized one-to-one training with Ash , all for FREE!

Referral Policy

Smile Design By Ash has a policy of only doing the treatment that the referring dentist has asked to be done. Patients will be looked after to a very high standard, and returned to the referring dentist for maintenance and routine dental care.

Meet Ash

Ash welcomes any dentist that wishes to refer to Smile Design By Ash to come and see the impressive facilities and equipment at our the state-of-the-art dental practice. Ash is also happy to visit your dental practice for a "lunch & learn" FREE 1-hour lecture (with CPD points) for dentists and staff.

Please contact the Manager Cheryl on 020 8500 0544 to arrange a mutually convenient appointment for a coffee and a chat with Ash.


For cosmetic and restorative dentistry (e.g. wear cases), dental implants/bone grafts and endodontic referrals, please complete the following form.

Please call the Manager Cheryl on 020 8500 0544 to discuss your patient’s case further.

An example of a referral to Ash

George was referred to Ash by a dentist working in an NHS practice. This was a complex wear case which needed a “reorganized” approach and alteration of the vertical dimension. The referring dentist Prakash came and watched Ash treat the patient, and learnt a lot about clinical techniques. Prakash then did Ash’s 8-Day Hands On Course and gained a lot more detailed knowledge and experience. This has now given him the confidence to do bigger restorative and Smile Makeover cases in his own practice.